Rain Drop Farms was established in 1999 on a one acre plot in our backyard.  We had every intention of growing vegetables, and threw in a few dahlia tubers that grandma gave us.  After a long search we were finally able to purchase our own piece of paradise and move to our current location, at the base of Mary's Peak. 


Those dahlia tubers came with us and before long we found ourselves with more flowers than potatoes and a dream started.


We strive to grow our flowers in a way that benefits not only our flower loving customers, but also our natural neighbors.  This means that we avoid using harsh chemicals and insecticides and opt for natural and organic solutions to any pest problems. 

We believe that the flowers that grace our tables should be as healthy as the food we feed our bodies.  Flowers are, after all, food for the soul.  Enjoy!


Owners: Erin McMullen and Aaron Gaskey

Find our flowers at these locations:

Portland Area New Seasons Market

Corvallis First Alternative Co-op

Corvallis Farmers Market

Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

Oregon Flower Growers Association


Philomath, Oregon. Since 2002

(Delivery available within Corvallis/Philomath city limits)